Customer Experience and Engagement, Stockholm 2022 Takeaways

Will Privacy Shape Commerce?
Moderated by Empathy.Co

  • Be transparent
  • Explain why we ask for personal information
  • Earned data
  • Show intention of your data usage
  • Preference sharing
  • Trust
  • Customer-based Relationship
  • Polarisation
  • Modalised online commerce
  • Step away from extracting data
  • Treat others as you want to be treated
  • Amazing conversation, thanks!
  • Be more human
  • Trust and transparency, but still be able to use the data from a business perspective.
  • Be personal, but not too personal!
  • Letting the users have control
  • With data collection, there comes a huge responsibility
  • We need to talk more about data and privacy
  • How will the future of privacy look?

Product Discovery and Customer Experience
Moderated by Akeneo

  • Do not look at how much revenue, look at what you’re saving
  • There are common challenges no matter what the business size
  • PIM is a must for a scalable business
  • Look at the saved cost instead of the revenue for business case
  • Growth does not mean selling more products
  • Improving product information is an investment for the future and CX
  • Growth = Customer experience = product management = Investment for the future
  • Customer first
  • PIM is the single source of truth
  • Active
  • Improving customer experience and helping them find more right products
  • PIM needs work
  • Make the customer be part of the product’s enrichments
  • 50% want to be inspired and 50% want to find what they’re looking for
  • Use a PIM as a source of User-generated content
  • Unlock the possibilities to bring a next level of CX needs requiring a strong foundation of information
  • User-generated PIM
  • Integrate PIM with CX
  • The product information is getting more and more efficient as the relevance of it
  • One structure

Single View of Customer Data
Moderated by Blueshift

  • Focus on automated user journeys
  • Personalisation is key
  • Segmentations, personalisations, automations
  • Mobile first
  • Data collection is a challenge
  • Using the data within communication
  •  Loyalty
  • Collect relevant data
  • Use it to activate customers
  • Care about CX, communicate right
  • Personalisation
  • Focus on existing customers and use their historical data to improve content and customer experience!
  • All about customer centric along the customer journey. How do we help them to decide what it is that they want to buy?
  • Singular customer POV is key to be customer centric and drive relevant campaigns and content made for the customer.
  • Loyalty
  • Personalised messaging
  • Be customer centric
  • Focus on what the customer wants from their interaction
  • Segment + automate

Channel Diversity to Fuel Growth
Moderated by Channel Advisor

  • Think different when it comes to omni-experiences
  • Great topics, valuable conversations
  • Channel Diversity can go faster than expected
  • Returns process adds complexity to inventory management in-store when online returns process is made less easy for the customer
  • Customer centricity
  • Try and reduce my own return rate! It’s better for the environment.
  • Would our customers buy here or shop here?
  • Dare to try new channels! Different channels work in different markets
  • To have a sustainable growth it’s important to have a diverse channel mix
  • External factors can be important in pushing for bold and responsible actions
  • Brand vs sales, social vs proof
  • Post pandemic offline experiences are / demand new concepts. People shop / expect a different experience vs traditional retail
  • You need to be brave and not focus on one channel only
  • Returns process – online = store – capture on site.
  • Using channel diversity to create a brand listing experience

Post-Purchase Customer Journeys
Moderated by Verint

  • Community
  • How to engage the customer?
  • Build communities in new markets
  • Create personal experiences + genuinely connect with customers to improve the post-purchase experience (and overall experience)
  • Communication with customers – perfect < honest
  • Post-purchase is a good opportunity to increase branding experience
  • Community = talk to customers
  • You buy something – you agree to give a finger & they take your whole hand
  • Keep up the conversation and remind the customer of a good choice
  • Don’t “forget” about the customer after their purchase
  • We should listen to the customer more and not rely on behavioural data only
  • Keep up the communication with customers post sale!
  • Engaging the customers in different ways or with the help of different channels to keep up with evolving customer engagement behaviours
  • Customer experience is more than the product – focus on inspiring your customers!