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Annual Partnership

During Covid-19, the Annual Partnership service has proved popular.  It combines relevant INTRODUCTIONS around pre-defined needs with senior retailers, high value CONTENT DELIVERY on specific topics, plus INSIGHTS from conversations The Hive has supporting a partner’s quest to understand where their opportunities might lie.

Annual Partnership Details

  • Solution Partner will receive 10 relevant introductions across a 12-month period in addition to any event meetings and introductions received through participation at Retail Hive events. 
  • Solution Partner can supply a bespoke Wishlist of companies / individuals to The Retail Hive to develop and work on as part of this agreement.
  • Solution Partner can provide an agreed number of content pieces to the Retail Hive across the year. The Retail Hive will post this content on our website and market the content pieces to their member network. We will supply solution partners with analytics of which retailers have viewed the content plus the campaign data including all opens, clickthrough and download information where we have GDPR compliance. 
  • Solution Partner will receive key information on retailers that arise from any interest generated by these content marketing pieces.  
  • Solution Partner will have access to a shared sheet highlighting progress across the pipeline for introductions along with key notes / insights which can be acted upon.
  • Solution Partner will be updated on regular calls on pipeline progression and introductions pending. 
  • Solution Partner can have 2 questions to be asked as part of Retail Hive researching of their network for each event that solution partners and associates with. This will deliver primary information helping the solution partner shape their messaging and delivery.
  • Solution Partners will be invited to join any Retail Hive Social meetings run throughout the year as a partner to the Hive. 
  • Solution Partners can provide invitations to the network for up to 10 solution partner customers to join our senior peer2peer Retail Hive network as recommended by you. 

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    An excellent way to engage with retailers who are generous with their insights and advice!

    Enterprise Business Development Director, Ometria

    Contract signed business attributed to The Hive for one of our founding partners