The Finance Hive

Closed-door, open minds.

The Finance Hive is an invitation only, safe space network for the senior buy side global community to exchange ideas, soundboard and collaborate to drive innovation across the industry.

Over 5000 members representing the biggest AUM firms globally benchmark with one another as they navigate emerging technology and market volatility. They ask questions of the collective as they make strategic decisions and implement solutions.

The network is specifically designed for global heads of trading, heads of equities/FX/fixed income trading, C-level executives and managing directors from long-only asset management companies, corporate treasuries, currency managers and hedge funds. It also includes senior representatives from banks, market-makers, prime brokers, exchanges, platforms and technology providers.

We don’t just join Hive meetings to learn from expert speakers, we come here to talk through ideas, share our pain points, and work through challenges together.

Head of Equity Trading, Mellon Capital Management

"Very enjoyable and insightful. The format works well. Small, senior and interactive" Head of EMEA Equity Trading, BlackRock

As a community we promise to:

  • Create a strong network of domestic and international peers to soundboard ideas and brainstorm on solutions
  • Lobby for change and create a less fragmented buy side voice to help drive innovation and efficiencies with tech providers
  • Help to navigate the tech provider landscape, get referrals from other buy side and understand why they are using them
  • We want givers, not takers: make sure the network is carefully curated so everyone has skin in the game by growing through recommendation and advocacy
  • Keep all conversations buy side only unless there is a compelling reason to involve a recommended third-party. Ensure qualification is rigorous.
  • Focus on topics that are fresh and engaging for the whole network
  • Make sure we are speaking to the most relevant people and subject matter experts to ensure conversations are valuable – go beyond just heads of trading
  • Create regular touch points and bring the community together to discuss issues and provide each other with updates on a frequent basis

Members represent:

Hive Spotlight: Director Capital Markets Americas, Deutsche Bank Private Bank

What value does The Finance Hive bring to you?

As there’s a no press policy, people are encouraged to open up. The fact there is no sell side present shows due diligence. It’s a trusted network now which is proven by the organisations that attend. For example, certain firms are very secretive about how they make decisions, and even they show up. Additionally, many “real money shops” attend. I think The Finance Hive has already established itself as an honest broker, if you will, which lends to the success of the meetings.

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