Supply Chain Leaders Exchange

16-17th May 2024
Luton Hoo Hotel & Spa, London, UK

Tailored exclusively for:
Directors of eCommerce and Omnichannel, Supply Chain, Warehouse and Logistics Directors, and COOs.

‘Building a Resilient and Intelligent Supply Chain’ 

Against the backdrop of global volatility, changing customer behaviours and increasing demand, how are supply chain leaders navigating uncertainty while proactively reshaping their operations to survive and thrive in this ‘new normal’?

The disruption of the past few years has created a greater impetus for brands to dedicate resources and technology to planning and managing flow. Today, supply chains are evolving from low cost and optimised to be more risk-resilient and sustainable. Robust, resilient supply chains and fulfilment operations must be affordable, efficient and sustainable to be fit for the future. To achieve this, we envision the supply chains of tomorrow while benchmarking current obstacles through our agenda for action.

Our agenda was designed to reinforce your strategy centring around ESG while redefining priorities to build a more profitable,  responsive, authentic and sustainable supply chain. Leveraging these trends requires overhauling core business processes and integrating technologies such as hybrid cloud, automation and AI. Thus, retail organisations are looking for industry-leading insight and solutions that allow them to be nimble, flexible and continuously scalable. One thing is clear; supply chain isn’t just a supply chain problem, it’s everyone’s problem, from the customer, employee and end to end process. The best path to solving this is to do it at an industry level,  retailers can add on industry functionality on top of a hybrid environment to better manage their supply chain. See discussion topics below on how we’ll explore the landscape…



Our roundtables are all supported and led by an industry leader, facilitating group conversation, designed to help drive forward key market structure and technological initiatives

The framework of our residential agendas is designed around roundtable discussions. All discussions operate under Chatham House Rule, allowing for an open dialogue and free flow of ideas in a trusted setting.

Solution Spotlights

Our spotlights allow partners to showcase their solution in a private room, enabling members to see it in action, evaluate with their peers and provide direct feedback

Based on the most common investment areas within our community, we match our members with recommended third party technology vendors.


Our educational masterclasses provide a more in-depth, hands-on private workshop led by an industry thought leader in a particular field, promoting an interactive learning experience

Each masterclass is open to 12-15 attendees, grouped based on a common learning. This classroom style format allows the group to deep dive into a particular area, led by an industry expert.

1-2-1 Meetings

We incorporate dedicated 20-minute 1-2-1 meeting slots to connect members with other industry leaders who can help them with their key projects across the year

By understanding members most pressing concerns, we pair meetings with members who are best placed to help each other with their own internal initiatives, technological investment areas and projects.

Unstructured Networking

After Day 1 of a busy programme, wind down with your community – dinner, casino, drinks and the odd surprise…and then it’s onto a very special Day 2

After the first day of a busy programme, wind down with your community at our Gala Dinner. Our Gala Dinners feature award winning menus with a 3-4 course meal, alongside extra special entertainment…

When members and partners awake on Day 2 have a range of activities designed to re-energise from the night before…from sheep herding to golf…unstructured networking at its best!


A wonderful time – sharing ideas with peers. Feeling inspired to start innovating!”

 John Lewis

The Hive has provided a great platform for me to take time out and meet my peers and discuss and listen to  our combined situations”

Harvey Nichols

A unique set up to share experiences and learn from your peers”


Great opportunity to have meaningful conversations with other retailers”



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