With Pure Plays investing in bricks & mortars, the high street does have a future as long as your ‘store’ becomes an ‘experience’

Monday, October 16th, 2017

The Future of the Store was one of eight interactive round table discussions that took place during this month’s Retail Hive Live focusing on Retail Innovation. 

Whilst many newspaper headlines like to sound the death knell for the high street, when looking at the future our members concluded that the high street store is here to stay, providing stores recognise the changing role they now play in the retail world and the need for stores to engage with their customers on an emotional level.

The challenge now is to ensure that any new technology adopted in-store purely enhances the customer experience and that companies make the required attitudinal and cultural shift to ensure their stores aren’t left behind.

Picture highlights of Retail Hive Live: Retail Innovation and the post-meeting Retail Innovation report is available here.

Retail Hive Live: Innovation Oct 17

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