Taps, Clicks & Bricks: Discover the new brand superpower

Monday, August 6th, 2018


Today’s commerce superheroes all share one superpower: a deep knowledge of their customers.

This knowledge comes from signed-in experiences across three major channels: mobile (taps), desktop (clicks), and physical locations (bricks).

For brands and retailers in 2018, omnichannel means knowing the consumer across these channels and enabling engagement in all of them — but especially mobile, where so many of today’s digital channels live.

To discover how commerce is changing in 2018, and how top brands have adapted and thrived, our valued partner TUNE spoke to thousands of consumers and interviewed leading global retailers.

The result is  “Omnichannel Customer Engagement is the new Brand Superpower” written by John Koetsier, a free ebook available to download for our Retail Hive members.

The study reveals how the best brands aren’t simply providing experiences for their customers to consume, they’re walking alongside their customers, enabling seamless contextual engagement across all channels, especially mobile.  

As buying, shopping and retail change, this study investigates how top brands are enabling known, signed-in experiences for customers across multiple channels, and how you can achieve your own retail brand success in five steps.  Read on..

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