Wincanton Innovation Centre Visit, 25th September 2023

Location: Wincanton W² Innovation Centre, Northamptonshire

The Retail Hive is taking a tour of “The WEB”, Wincanton’s state of the art automated eFulfilment facility, which is also home to the W² Innovation Centre, and we’d love members of the fulfilment community to join us as we take a step into tomorrow’s world of supply chain. 

The WEB – a 528,000 sq ft shared user facility – has been designed to deliver highly automated fulfilment services to multiple clients whilst suiting both D2C and B2B requirements. The advanced site helps with reducing unit costs and shortening lead times, but ultimately provides the infrastructure needed to best serve the ever-increasing expectations of the end customer.

The W² Innovation Centre is designed to showcase innovative supply chain solutions, explore the supply chain of the future and provide an inspiring place to spark new ideas and nurture collaboration.

Come and join us to enjoy a fully immersive and interactive experience of Wincanton’s vision of supply chain innovation. Demonstrations include robotics and wearable technology, alongside live supply chain visibility dashboards powered by Wincanton’s cloud-based technologies, while the ‘City of the Future’ interactive tool showcases five customer-facing scenarios: grocery, home & DIY, eCommerce and home delivery, construction and infrastructure.

Tailored exclusively for:
Leaders and their teams in fulfilment, supply chain, logistics, operations, warehousing, delivery, carriers, eCommerce, customer experience, customer service and omnichannel.

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