The Retail Hive: 3PL Spotlight, 5th May 2021

Transportation and the Final Mile

Location: Your desk, sofa, wherever you choose! 10:30-12:30 BST

We held our first episode of the 3PL spotlight series in early April, which turned out to be a massively insightful experience for everyone involved, thank you to all members and partners who took part!

Throughout the 3PL Spotlight Series we’ll be inviting different Hive recommended partners to shine a light on specific aspects of their offering, providing Retail Hive members with a convenient window to compare and contrast the various services and products offered by 3PLs.

We’ll be showcasing new innovations from the large incumbents as well as smaller more niche providers that have been recommended by Retail Hive members so you can keep on top of the latest offerings in this space. The series will also give you a rhythm of touchpoints with your peer group so you can benchmark applications, performance and cost of 3PLs together.

For the second episode of the 3PL series we will be focusing on transportation and the final mile, inviting 3PLs to showcase what is different, new and unique about their options for transportation of inventory and how they execute the final mile of the customer journey. Participants will hear from a selection of partners who have been recommended by members within the community, followed by Q&A in Pollen Groups curated based on size, shared journeys and priorities.

Keep an eye out for subsequent episodes of the Retail Hive 3PL Spotlight which will shine a light on different facets of the 3PL offering including:

⋅ Provision for returns
⋅ Inventory & space visibility
⋅ Transparency & communication
⋅ Sustainability
⋅ Automation & robotics
⋅ Omnichannel solutions
⋅ Agility and scalability
⋅ Cross border fulfilment & returns

Your Peer Group Is Your Secret Source – Closed doors, Open minds, Chatham House Rule applies.

Tailored exclusively for:
Heads of eCommerce & Omnichannel, Supply Chain Warehouse & Logistics Directors, Heads of International, COOs, Heads of Fulfilment and Delivery.


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