Digital Boardroom: Turning Data Security into a Social Responsibility, 27th April 2021

Location: Your desk, sofa, wherever you choose! 11-12:30 BST

Many retailers have both enhanced and expanded their digital presence in the last year leveraging many brilliant technologies in their digital strategy to accelerate growth.  This acceleration in digital growth has also increased the customer data being collected and utilised across organisations and most commonly is housed or shared between multiple systems and departments.

 This evolution has been mirrored in the workforce; specifically many teams and employees have been working from home for the last year, remotely accessing company information and data on multiple devices and networks. This  evolution has often created a lack of control and oversight which is needed.

This digital boardroom will give members the chance to shares insights, experiences and explore:

  • How has your team’s working environment changed in the last 12 months?
  • What’s your current oversight of this?
    • Who has access to what and when?
  • What impact has this had on workflows and efficiency?
  • What challenges has this created in terms of accessing systems/data?
  • What are the current control mechanisms that are in place?
    • How are effective are they?
    • Where are they falling short?
  • What is the current security culture across the organisation?

Your Peer Group Is Your Secret Source – Closed doors, Open minds, Chatham House Rule applies.

Tailored exclusively for:
Heads of eCommerce, Customer Data, Digital, Content & CX; Digital Marketing Directors; Chief Digital and Data Officers


Each “Digital Boardroom” will take place on Zoom and promises to:

  • Dig deep into a single business issue through interactive discussion with your peer group
  • Deliver a focused 60-90 minutes from 11-12:30 so you can fit it around your other commitments
  • Cap participation at 6-8 participants to ensure genuine interaction and free-flowing discussion
  • Operate under the Chatham House Rule so you can be sure of a safe environment in which to share your challenges


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