The Finance Hive: Fixed Income US Digital Week
Technology on the Trading Desk, May 12-13, 2021

Venue: Your desk, sofa, wherever you choose! 14:00-15:55 EST

The Finance Hive Digital Week: Technology on the Trading Desk is part of a series of peer-to-peer discussion-based forums, hosted by The Finance Hive.

We will be inviting 40 Fixed Income trading heads based in the US and Canada, keeping the community small enough so you can have relevant and useful discussions, and big enough to ensure a variety of opinions and experiences. Vendor participation on certain tables is exclusively limited to solution providers that have been recommended by our members.

Topics are generated by in-depth research with our buy side members. The talking points below represent an outline for the discussions, but the questions addressed in each session stem from bespoke research with each individual once they have selected their table:

  • Building a best-in-class data infrastructure
  • Standardizing your new issuance process
  • Adding value through a fixed income EMS
  • Methodologies for pre- and post-trade TCA
  • Tapping into enhanced algos, workflows and rules-based execution in Rates
  • Realizing the benefits of low-touch and no-touch credit workflows and execution
  • Enhancing peer-to-peer engagement as price makers and takers
  • Developing an effective strategy for Portfolio Trading

Your Peer Group Is Your Secret Source – Closed doors, Open minds, Chatham House Rule applies

Tailored exclusively for:
Heads of Trading, Fixed Income, Credit, and Rates from international and local long-only asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds and wealth managers



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