Past Event – The Retail Hive Live: Next Generation Digital Marketing

22 February, 2017

“Never been to an event quite like that – one of the best I’ve ever been to! Great mix of attendees.. they all brought great conversations and insights” – Director of Omnichannel, B&Q

“The Hive is a strong community which offers great opportunities for meeting and exchanging with digital and eCommerce professionals and stakeholders. An intimate format with a spot on roster of high level attendees” – Head of Solutions and Innovation, Carrefour

Just some of the comments about the last Hive Live so do join our community of Senior Retail decision makers on 22 February 2017 at Bounce Farringdon in London to collaborate, innovate and find solutions at the cusp of the next generation of digital marketing.

Now is a time of enormous change. Cloud, mobile, social, data science and the Internet of Things herald a revolution in technology that clearly puts customers in charge.

The fact is that in a hyper connected, knowledge sharing world, retailers must reinvent and significantly enhance or replace their existing marketing processes in order to be a relevant part of this customer revolution.

Introducing the Retail Hive Live: Next Generation Digital Marketing

The focus of the Retail Hive is on bringing together communities of like-minded, decision makers from all retail verticals. The Next Generation Digital Marketing event is part of a series of peer-to-peer discussion based forums generated by our members. Attendees are invited to spend a day with other retailers to share best practice, develop cutting edge concepts and get to grips with the digital marketing landscape through interactive brainstorming sessions. Topics include 1-1 personalisation, programmatic marketing, content & storytelling, communities, loyalty, single view of the customer, predictive analytics and more.

To ensure all attendees get the maximum value out of the event, all participants will be assessed to make sure they are of the same level of seniority, fall between comparable levels of marketing spend and are focused on similar goals. Email to request an invitation.

Your peer group is your Secret Source – Chatham House Rules apply.


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