Past Event: The Retail Hive Live: Collaboration for Innovation

25 September, 2018

Held at London’s beautiful Skyloft @Altitude 360, the Retail Hive Live: Collaboration for Innovation provides members with an opportunity to explore practical application of innovative strategies and principles, whilst showcasing some of the new innovative technologies on the horizon.

“A great platform to encourage peer to peer communities & to come together to discuss common themes that affect everyone in a variety of degrees” – Louisa Nicholls, John Lewis

Innovation in retail is gathering pace rapidly with players, large and small, investing in ground-breaking technology including virtual and augmented reality, AI, IoT, robotics, mobile wallets, visual and voice search and much more…

Collaboration is now becoming essential for retailers to survive in this digitally disrupted market to improve the customer journey and offer an experience that’s truly unique and personalised. From collaborations with external partners, to collaborations across internal silos, we’re seeing some great examples of partnerships between leading tech firms and forward-thinking retailers.

With 10 tables to choose from, insight from forty storytellers, a Dragon’s Den showcasing three upcoming technologies and a Digital Clinic, this is a meeting not to be missed!

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