Past Event: The Retail Hive Boardroom: Using AI and Machine Learning to Improve the Online Customer Experience

17 October, 2018

The Retail Hive is hosting a Digital boardroom on Webex to provide a case study from Express Gifts followed by brainstorming applications for AI throughout the customer journey.

Far from being exclusive to early adopters, AI and machine learning technology are now being adopted by many retailers and brands who want to move from the old manual rules of merchandising and discovery. Which AI applications are playing a role in automation or augmentation of the retail process? How are retailers using these technologies to stay ahead of their competitors today, and what innovations are being pioneered as potential retail game-changers over the next decade when it comes to discovery and merchandising?

This Retail Hive Digital Boardroom is tailored towards Heads of eCommerce who want to improve the performance of their website in order to drive conversions, reduce abandoned journeys and improve SEO and website rankings.

It is a retailer-only brainstorm strictly limited to no more than 8 retail/brand decision makers who want to think outside the box on eCommerce. All participants want to find simple and practical applications of solutions that genuinely drive results.

The brainstorm will be moderated to ensure value for everyone. It will be dynamic and thought provoking and will cover questions and challenges raised by the Group. During the Digital Boardroom we will be discussing workarounds for some of these challenges. The aim is to provide participants with some quick wins and longer burning ideas to take back to their business. 

Chatham House Rule applies.

Hosted by our recommended partner, Andrew Fowler, Country Manager UK, Apptus.

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