The Finance Hive: Equities Breakfast, London

19 June, 2019

“The Quest for Liquidity”

From the time Mifid II went live in January 2018, the liquidity landscape for buy side equity traders has become ever the more complex. As such it is increasing necessary for equity trading desks across Europe to reassess how they are accessing liquidity and thoroughly analyse different venues and providers.

With this in mind, The Finance Hive are hosting our first meeting for equity traders on June 19th in London to discuss the pros and cons of different liquidity channels, how they fit into an overall strategy and where the market will go from here.

In a morning of interactive roundtable debate and informal networking, we will be inviting the founding members of our new equities network to benchmark with one another and explore the following topics:

The breakfast is invite-only, closed-door and open to a select group of buy side traders with a strict no press policy.

For more information please email Jack Haddon, Editor, The Finance Hive



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