Past Event: The Finance Hive Live: FX Leaders Summit, London

5 June, 2018

Members of the buy side-only FX Hive tell us that there are significant challenges they are grappling with in the arena of FX trading. They need banks, tech providers and regulators to hear their collective voice and help find solutions to some of these inherent problems. The FX Hive will coordinate this collective voice of the buy-side.

The FX Leaders’ Summit is a unique opportunity for a select group of Global and Regional Heads of FX to collaborate and plan together on current challenges and discuss the impact of regulation and technology on the vibrant FX market. 

You will be sharing experience and shaping a collective response on how innovations in technology and regulation are being harnessed to drive access to:

The meeting is by invitation only at the Maxwell Room, IET, London and strictly for Heads of FX within buy side organisations with minimum of €10,000m institutional assets under management,

For more information please contact Julie Nicolas, MD, The Finance Hive


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