The Finance Hive: Equities Leaders, London

14 November, 2019

Buy side members of The Finance Hive have highlighted that there are significant challenges larger organisations are grappling with while trading FX. They need banks, tech providers and regulators to hear their collective voice and help find solutions to some of these inherent problems.

Through a series of roundtables at our FX Leaders Meeting, The Finance Hive will co-ordinate this collective voice of the buy side.

On 6th June at Oxo Tower Wharf in London, a select group of global and regional heads of FX trading have the unique opportunity to collaborate and plan together on the current challenges faced by their desks; and discuss the impact of regulation and technology on the rapidly evolving FX market. 

Invited members will be sharing experiences and shaping a collective response on how disruptive technology, wave after wave of regulation and the changing market structure are affecting topics including:

The meeting is by invitation only and strictly for Heads of FX from the largest buy side organisations in Europe, ranked by AUM.

For more information and to see if you qualify, please contact Jack Haddon, Editor, The Finance Hive/.


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