The Finance Hive: Equities Leaders, London

19 June, 2019

The Finance Hive is pleased to announce the launch of their first Equities meeting in London!

As we operate in an increasingly complex and fast evolving regulatory environment that will change the face of global market structure in ways we can’t predict, it is essential for leading equities trading professionals to come together to have an open and honest dialogue in a safe environment. In order to efficiently overcome trading and market structure related issues the aim of this private community is to collaborate and to find solutions to thrive amid regulatory, economic, and geopolitical challenges.

Invitation-only roundtable sessions on:
· Regulation
· Liquidity
· Best execution
· Trading venues
· Broker selection
· Capitalising on the continuously evolving European
equities execution landscape
· Dark pools
· Next generation trading tools

The Hive will host their “Leaders” meetings in London, with 60 Heads of Desk in attendance, invited from the top 100 buy side organisations by AUM in each region.

Tailored for Buy Side Global Heads of Trading, Heads of Trading, Senior Equities from asset management companies and hedge funds.

For more information please contact Julie Nicolas, MD, The Finance Hive


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