Past Event. The Retail Hive Live: Where eCommerce Meets Fulfilment

24 May, 2017

Retail Hive members regularly talk to us about stock management, the spiraling cost of fulfilling and returning orders across channels, securing reliable delivery options and the issues that arise from using stores as fulfilment centres.  They tell us that meeting the demands of multi-channel operations is one of their biggest challenges.  

Failure to meet multi-channel demand was the most significant internal business threat cited by 52% of our members.  As supply chains grow more complex, ordering channels multiply and customer expectations increase, fulfilling orders quickly and reliably is a more significant business challenge than ever before.

This meeting aims to pool expertise to select the best strategies to these shared fulfilment challenges. Our interactive roundtable topics include: Omnichannel Fulfilment, Robotics & Automation, Click & Collect, Supply Chain Sustainability, International Fulfilment

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