Past Event: The Retail Hive Live: Focus on Fulfilment, London

23 May, 2018

Challenges, solutions and future-proofing fulfilment and delivery in line with customer expectations.

The fulfilment industry is changing rapidly and will continue to do so.  Customer demand today is for fast delivery, shorter wait times and the ability to have a wide array of purchases where and when they want them.

You can’t choose to ignore ever-increasing customer expectations, but you can choose how you react.

Held at the Penthouse State Rooms of London’s 30 Euston Square,  this meeting will address the major concerns our Retail Hive members are experiencing within the Fulfilment sector in a safe, confidential and informal way. 

*Breaking News* We are delighted to confirm Prof. Jeremy L Wyatt will be our keynote speaker.  Jeremy is Professor of Robotics and AI at the University of Birmingham who conducts research in machine learning, robot manipulation, robot vision, robot task planning, robot motion planning, and decision making under uncertainty. He has more than 25 years of research experience and has worked with a variety of industry partners on early stage technology transfer in logistics, robot manipulation, computer vision and autonomy.  You can view Jeremy’s TED presentation here.

On arrival you will receive your personalised agenda detailing your pre-selected round table topics from the selection below: 

Places are limited so to confirm your place please contact Paul Kehoe at The Hive Network: email  m 07973 147826

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