Past Event – The Retail Hive Live: eComm & Fulfilment

18 October, 2016

Digital through to delivery – getting it right for you and your customers

Our offer to you

Our mission is to connect you with others who can share their experiences and recommendations, all the time expanding your professional network. When groups of senior retailers and brands with mixed experience get together to discuss an issue important to them all, sparks fly.


Who can join?

The Retail Hive is strictly for retailers and brands only. We are a channel for retailer-retailer networking and collaboration: the introductions and recommendations we make are ongoing.


Member meetings and the Hive Live

When we hear differences of opinion and questions about particular topics we host a Hive Live, inviting members to collaborate, brainstorm ideas, share pain and find solutions. With not a powerpoint in sight, Hive Live is a mine of valuable insight dedicated to networking, practical outcomes and problem solving.


“The magic of the sessions you put on is due to the people you get there; it is in talking to people of the same level that you get the content… with the caliber of audience you had on Wednesday night, (being involved in retail hive and attending events) would be a no-brainer!”

Director of eCommerce, Ralph Lauren


What do we focus on?

When you are invited to join we ask you what kind of people you want to talk to. And what topics you want to know more about. We ask you to tell us about your achievements, where you drove fantastic results. We also ask about areas of the business you want to improve; about processes, models and solutions you want to innovate around. Your ideas and your concerns shape your Hive Live agenda.


At the cutting edge

With an amazon-uber link up in the background, talk about drones, unmanned delivery and delivery to person rather than address, fulfilment is crying out for innovation, new convenience models, and collaboration.


Keep pace and compete, or fade away…

Your delivery proposition needs to be in line with:

In small groups and workshops you and your peers and colleagues will share ideas on how fulfilment can support the growth of your business and the transition towards omnichannel.


Fulfilment is also fundamental to international growth. So a portion of the meeting will be dedicated to new market entry and overseas fulfilment. This meeting, shaped by the Retail Hive network, is a dialogue between eCommerce, operations and international, coming together the crack the conundrum of fulfilment as CX.


“This is one of the best events I’ve been to in regards to meeting people and I found we had a lot in common; problems, struggles and how we approach these”

Brand Experience Director, AllSaints


Why share ideas?

You will share as much or as little as you want to, and take out what you put in. In groups and workshops you, your peers and colleagues will generate practical solutions, recommendations, roadmaps, new partnerships hinging around your own priorities. Relevant people, relevant content, relevant solutions.

Chatham House Rules apply: we encourage sharing among peers in a safe environment.

Further reading!

We’re delighted to be able to make available the recent report from DHL on Profitable Omnichannel Fulfilment. You can download this here: DHL Omni-channel Retail – Fulfilling Demand Profitably.

Is it for you?

The strength of the network is in the breadth of experience and views of our ever growing membership. If you want to be ahead of the game, if you accept that there are good ideas in development, and if you trust the experiences of others, the network is for you. Drop us a line today: we’d love to hear from you!



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