Balancing Brand Identity with AI

Thursday, October 25th, 2018


The Retail Hive Digital Boardroom: Using AI and Machine Learning to Improve the Online Customer Experience in association with Apptus took place this Wednesday, bringing leading retailers together to discuss successful AI implementation.

How can retailers use AI and Machine Learning to improve online performance, without diluting brand identity and customer experience? This was one of the central topics discussed on Wednesday 17th October, when The Retail Hive brought together 10 members to share their insights into using AI and Machine Learning successfully.

The Digital Boardroom was an opportunity for retailers to talk openly about their experiences with AI, outlining the challenges they’d faced and the success it had brought to their business. Involving both retailers who had fully integrated AI into their online operations, and those at the very beginning of their journey, the boardroom brought some interesting points to the table from a wide range of perspectives.

Some of the key takeaways from the event include:

For retailers with a vast product portfolio, AI really can be a transformative addition to online, but it’s crucial that users understand what they want to achieve and the limitations of each platform before they choose and implement technology.

Exclusively available to The Retail Hive members, the boardroom was moderated by Sally Green, Founder & Editorial Director at The Retail Hive, with technical insight provided by Andrew Fowler, Country Manager UK at Apptus.

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